Friday, June 1, 2012

Fuschia Addition..., this peek-a-boo hair streak thing may be ust as addicting as tattoo's. As in love as I was with my mermaid streak, it faded pretty quick even with a touchup.

I went back to Sally's and the girls there were obsessed with the Ion Color Brilliance Brights. It's also a semi permanent variety but is supposed to be much longer lasting than the Beyond the Zone. It is also cheaper at only 4.99 per tube. I know I said I didn't want pink, and I didn't but I wanted something other than teal so I ended up getting the Fuschia (a deep magenta, almost purple) and the Teal.

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 I took my mermaid streak and divided it into 2 sections. I applied the Ion Teal to the already colored mermaid streak and then used 30vol developer to bleach the other half out. Left it on about 20 minutes and applied the Ion Fuschia. I put each section in it's own ziplock baggie and clipped it to my head to keep it from bleeding. Left it on about an hour and a half and rinsed with cold water. Blow dried it and is INTENSE. You can tell the difference when you apply it, the Ion is much thicker almost a paste like consistency and it smells like real hair color. It comes in metal tubes and I only used about a quarter size dollop for each color. These tubes will last a very long time and are reusable because there is no developer in them. I washed with regular hot water and shampoo this morning and had no fading, with the Beyond the Zone I had daily fading and my suds were tinted teal every wash, even if I washed in cold water or conditioned it only.

Overall, I am super impressed with these Ion colors. They look exactly how the swatches look and are much more user friendly and long lasting. Easy to apply, affordable and super pigmented.

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