Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Highlighting with Foils

Happy Monday! This weekend was time to touch up my roots. I think I've mentioned this before, but I do my own hair. I used to always go to the salon but over the last year have started doing it myself. Mostly because I change my hair A LOT and paying someone $120 each time got to be too much. Even though they do a more professional job than me, I can afford it more if I do the changes myself. Plus, I really like doing it. It's fun, it's easy and I like the results.

This is not an instructional tutorial, simply how I did MY hair as a novice at home. Anyway, usually I use the cap and hook method but found that I kept getting the same general peices so I was getting breakage and some areas weren't getting enough color and were showing darker when I put my hair in a pony tail...So. I adventured into the land of foils.

I know the basic idea from YEARS of getting my hair done in salons. I watched a few YouTube tutorials from pro's and got the jist. I went to Sally's and got the foils, I already had the bleach, developer, bowl and brush at home. I used 30 vol developer. I did 15 foils on each side and 15 foils down the top of my head for a total of 45 foils all together. I left the bottom half alone, because I don't like to bleach that section. It's my natural color. As you can tell...once I got them in, I was a little nervous (and make-up free, eek)!!!!

I admit, my husband had to help me with the top 5 foils from my crown back, but other than that, it was pretty simple. Next time I think the foils will be a little more organized, I should have gone from back to front so I could see, front to back made them kind of unorganized, but they worked all the same. The outcome is what I really wanted and it cost me about $8 to get it. I did do a deep conditioning treatment afterwards and have to say, got no breakage. I think I'm in love.

Please note that the photo below makes it look like I have a streak on each side, I don't. It's a shadow. My right side is all blonde like my roots, my left side is 3/4 blonde and 1/4 fuschia/purple streak.

I also touched up my streak of color this weekend with ION Fuschia and a mix of Fuschia and Teal to get the purple and am loving the fuschia/purple combo. It's so VIBRANT. I only touched it up because I wanted it closer to my roots instead of 1/2 way down like I had it before. I'm obsessed with this streak and this line does not fade. It keeps the vibrancy really well.

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