Monday, June 4, 2012

Blonde Hair Care

I get bored every so often and try to go darker, but I always come back to blonde. I feel better blonder, my husband loves it and it really is my favorite look. After about 4 months of my natural color I've slowly started going blonder. I do my own hair, mostly because I'm very picky and if it goes wrong at least I have no one to blame but myself. Going as blonde as I like can be really hard on your hair and blonde hair can fade pretty fast so I have a few little tips to keep your blonde looking as pretty and bright as the day you got it done.

Trim often. I know for girls like me growing your hair out, trimming seems counterintuitive. But bleach will dry your ends up really quick and unless you trim that part off about every 6-8 weeks your hair is more prone to breakage and will not look pretty and/or healthy. Keep your ends clean!

Deep condition. I use ION Extreme Moisture Cream once or twice a week. Let me tell you, this stuff is THICK. I apply it over wet hair, comb through and then wrap it in a towl for about 30 minutes while I do other things around the house. Rinse it in cool (not cold) water. Makes your hair so happy!

Purple Shampoo...this stuff is a MUST with any blonde hair color. I used to use Shimmer Lights but never cared for the smell. It smells "old" to me. I switched to Shiny Silver a few years ago and never looked back. It smells much better and is more moisturizing on my hair. I use this about every other wash and leave it in about 2-3 minutes to neutralize any brassy tones working their way in. This is a product I ALWAYS have on hand.

Limit heat tools. I try to really only use styling tools once or twice a week. I usually Wash and blow dry Monday, Dry Shampoo Tuesday, Wash and let Air Dry on Wednesday, Dry Shampoo Thursday and then Wash and Blow Dry Friday. I just wash and let it dry on it's own on the weekends unless we are going out or I need it to look nice. It really helps keep my blond looking fresher and helps keep the damage to a minimum so I can grow it out. There's no point in having long hair that looks fried.

Moisturize. I really swear by using oils on my hair. I only use them from the jaw down, never near the scalp or I'd be a greaseball. The ones I really like are MoroccanOil, Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid and Pearatin (Smells so good!!).

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