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  1. Hi! All of your reviews on here are lovely, just the page in general is fantastic. I was wondering if you could recommend me some hair products for thin, color treated hair. Yours is just so healthy, and shiny, i would love to know what you use! Thanks so much(:

    1. Thanks for reading! My hair is fairly dry, so I'm always using moisturizing products, serums and oils on the ends. I don't wash every day and I try to use sulfate free shampoos as often as I can. I deep condition once a week and minimize heat tools, the usual suspects :) For thin hair I'd really recommend a light shampoo, nothing too heavy to weight it down. Sulfate free would be great on thin hair and would do wonders on your color! I really like the Light line from MoroccanOil and the Renpure Argan oil line from Walgreens. Hope that helped!

  2. what is the difference between Revlon's Frost and Glow Color Effects and Frost and Glow by Colorsilk also Revlon.