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  1. Hi! All of your reviews on here are lovely, just the page in general is fantastic. I was wondering if you could recommend me some hair products for thin, color treated hair. Yours is just so healthy, and shiny, i would love to know what you use! Thanks so much(:

    1. Thanks for reading! My hair is fairly dry, so I'm always using moisturizing products, serums and oils on the ends. I don't wash every day and I try to use sulfate free shampoos as often as I can. I deep condition once a week and minimize heat tools, the usual suspects :) For thin hair I'd really recommend a light shampoo, nothing too heavy to weight it down. Sulfate free would be great on thin hair and would do wonders on your color! I really like the Light line from MoroccanOil and the Renpure Argan oil line from Walgreens. Hope that helped!