Friday, July 31, 2015

Vibrant Pink Ombre for Short Hair

Been a while. I'll skip the obligatory apology about being busy if you'll forgive my neglect of the blog :) Deal? Deal.

So...I have pink hair now. I think the last post was about going Copper or lightening the red I had for most of last year. I have been continuing to work on removing the red, slowly and as healthy as I could. I have basically been growing my roots out (turns out, my natural color is pretty nice and super shiny, WHO KNEW!!) and slowly lightening my ends. I've been rocking a pretty balayage look for a few months, ended up cutting a lot of the red out and was left with not my favorite haircut ever if I'm honest.

I just know it needs to be done, so I'm dealing with it. In the meantime, because I don't want to further damage my ends by any more bleaching, lifting or color removing...I decided semi permanent colors without developer would be a fun thing to appease my antsyness and also the healthier option for my hair.

I used to have fun colored streaks in my hair (aqua streak, cobalt blue streak, fuschia streak) and when I did I really loved the Ion Color Brilliance Brights line. I used Fuschia (their spelling) and had great results. Since then they've also added a Neon selection to their line so I decided to leave my natural roots alone and do the blonde bits a mix of the Hottie Pink and Fuschia.

I eventually want it to fade to a more pastel rosy pink but thought I'd go bright at first just for fun. I really love it! These colors are so user friendly, very affordable and pretty much goof proof. Fuschia is very pigmented and still the most impressive of all the colors I've tried. Hottie Pink is a lot more subtle but goes nicely with the Fuschia for more dimension. I think Rose and Flamingo are next on my list!

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