Friday, October 26, 2012

3 Drugstore Products for a Flawless Face

Today, I'm going to show you 3 drugstore products that I swear by on days I need a perfect complexion. Or at least, the illusion of a perfect complexion.

I've done seperate reviews of each of these on my blog and have raved about each several times but combined together, they leave you with a flawless, glowing face.

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous foundation, Maybelline Age Rewind Protector Finishing Powder and Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer.

I can't say enough about how amazing this L'Oreal foundation is. It just wears beautifully and has this wonderful ability to make your skin glow but it never looks or feels greasy. Just healthy and luminous. I would pay a ton more for this product, but lucky for me it's only $12.99 and available where I get my groceries. Which...yay.

I top the foundation off with this Maybelline powder applied with a big fluffy brush. It doesn't take away from the glowy factor as this powder also has a great "fresh" and natural finish on the skin. It just helps lock the foundation on your skin and keep it on all day. This powder never looks powdery, just finished. It's also my even better dupe for MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural!

Finally, when topped off with the Dream Lumi concealer under your eyes your face will appear awake, alive, glowy and fresh. This concealer is my holy grail of under eye concealers, I've been using it exclusively for about a year. I seriously use this every day and it never fails to give me the awake, fresh eyes I love. See a theme here? Lumi, Fresh, Natural, Glowy...these all equal an illusion of a perfect complexion.

These aren't just great drugstore products, these are great IN GENERAL products and I have paid a lot more in the past searching for this look with less than stellar results. Something about this combination of 3 products leaves you with an amazing finish. Simply, flawless looking.

Friday, October 19, 2012

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup

If you follow me on Twitter (@lovelydalls) you know that I've been going back and forth with Clinique. I used their Superfit foundation religiously for over 8 years. When the colors I needed started to always be "out of stock" I feared for the worst and within 3 months found out they were discontinuing Superfit. This was a few years ago. Since then I have struggled to find something I loved as much and I have found several foundations that I really like (Healthy Skin, ColorStay, Lasting Finish). However, I have never found one with the dewy glow that Superfit provided.

I've done a lot of research online and decided to try the L'Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous foundation. It claims to have 3 ingredients that actually improve your skin over time with continued use, antioxidants, Vitamins C and E and Liquid Light technology for an instant luminious glow. It also has an SPF of 20.

I was curious. I've never used a L'Oreal foundation before. I purchased mine in the shade Shell Beige. They offer 3 different lines of shades, warm, neutral or cool with15 shades to choose from.

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup SPF 20, Shell Beige

The packaging is awesome. It's a pump foundation with a lid. SO CLEAN. I apply with a foundation wedge, I find that dewier foundations get the best finish when applied this way on my skin. I am seriously impressed. It is 40% water so it's very liquidy but pigmented. I find it to be medium but buildable coverage. It instantly brightens my skin, gives a luminous and glowy finish and stays all day. I set with a little finishing powder applied with a fluffy brush and stayed glowy but oil free the whole day. It definitely gives that "lit from within" look on your skin. So pretty and my skin loves it. Usually when I get home the first thing I do is wash my makeup off because it feels gross after being on for a whole day, but not with this foundation. It still manages to feel fresh, even after a whole day of wear.

This feels so comfortable on, not heavy or chemical. It has no real scent and sets nicely on the skin. For a dewy finish foundation I didn't get any transfer and it didn't oxidize at all which Superfit did. I get the same glowy, dewy finish that I loved from Superfit but a much better (LESS ORANGE) color selection and much better pricetag ($12.99). This is hefty for a drugstore foundation but with results like this I will happily repurchase. I feel like this is not only a dupe for Superfit, it's far superior and exactly what I have been looking for in a foundation. I am so happy with this product!

**ETA: Further research into this amazing foundation makes me think this is might be an even closer dupe to Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation. Here's that description...

What it is:A complexion-enhancing foundation with SPF 15.

What it does:
This oil-free, fragrance-free formula with SPF 15 sunscreen is made with LancĂ´me's Aura-Inside™ technology, which recreates the true, natural light of perfect skin. Its lightweight texture enriched with soothing rose extract provides 18 hours of hydration and sheer to moderate coverage for a natural finish without a cakey effect. It creates a complexion that looks beautifully bare and lit from within.

What else you need to know:
This foundation is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, non-irritating and does not cause break-outs. Suitable for sensitive skin. Contains 37% pure water

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wet n Wild "Comfort Zone" Palette Review

Today I'm reviewing another awesome palette from Wet n Wild, but this time it's one of their 8 shade palettes in "Comfort Zone".  They have a few of these 8 shade palettes, but Comfort Zone is the only one with shades I really wear. They have a purple toned palette and also a blue toned one. This one just seemed the most user friendly and had some shades that I don't have, it's also perfect for fall. I think I'm in love.

I purchased it for $4.99 at Walgreens.

Again, Wet n Wild is just killing it with their eyeshadows. The quality is amazing. Serious payoff and pigmentation. They are buttery smooth and apply amazingly well. The best part is they are actually using unique colors.

These are swatched with one wipe, no primer. The left side is more romantic neutrals, you get a perfect shimmery cream, a metallic peachy rose, a taupe and a plummy brown. The top 3 colors look a lot like their 3 shade palette Walking on Eggshells, but are different once they are on the eye. I believe the deep plum shade is an exact dupe for MAC "Beauty Marked".


The right side is a little more brave and unique, you get a light taupey champagne, a very wearable leaf green, a deep mossy greenish brown and a duochrome (I KNOW RIGHT?!?!) reddened bronzey green with teal flash that is so pretty and wearable! It is also a spot on dupe for MAC "Club".

Overall I am very pleased with this palette and feel like it is exceptional quality. The colors wear beautifully and with that kind of color for $4.99 you are getting a great deal! The only thing is I wish Wet n Wild would name their colors, it would make describing and reviewing them so much easier.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cold Weather Must-Haves for Your Hands

Seriously, this weather.

It went from 80 degrees last week to pouring rain and black clouds this week. I don't know about you guys but extreme temperature changes like that can do a number on my hands. All the sudden they are dry and my cuticles are a mess!

So last night I busted out a few of my tried and true products for my hands and wanted to share.

Both are available at the drugstore and both are sold for under $10.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment and Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.

I think I found the Aquaphor after a tattoo a few years ago. It is kind of scary out of the tube because it looks like Vaseline, it's so thick (hence the name ointment!). This stuff seriously works! I usually only use it at night time because it doesn't absorb quickly but I don't really want it to. It's not a lotion, it's a heavy duty skin protectant. Any areas of dry, flaky skin on your hands, elbows, heels, wherever...this stuff will take care of it. I have purchased several tubes of it and it is something that I always have on hand especially during the cold winter months.

I am a huge Burt's Bee's fan as far as their treatments are concerned. I find them to be some of the best quality that you can get at a drugstore and this cuticle cream is no exception. I have one that I keep next to my nightstand and apply before bedtime. A few nights with this on and my cuticles look and feel amazing. This is a great product that I can't say enough good things about! The only thing I would change is I wish the lid was a screw top lid rather than the pull of kind. It can be hard to get the lid off occasionally. Other than that, this is a great product.

Monday, October 8, 2012

CoverGirl Classic Color Blush in "Soft Mink"

Soft Mink was the first blush I ever used and I have to give credit for it to my mama. She's a gorgeous girl and a hardcore Lancome lover. When she let me start buying makeup, this was one that she thought would be appropriate. I've honestly had a Soft Mink my makeup collection ever since.

Soft Mink is a medium, warm apricot-peachy shade with subtle golden shimmer. It's so flattering and neutral in tone enough to wear with any makeup look. I find that the shimmer is so beautiful and subtle that it seriously makes your skin glow. It never fails that someone will make a comment when I wear this blush.

excuse the sockbun and hoodie...GO DUCKS! 

My mom has used Lancome Blush Subtil in Miel Glace for as long as I can remember and Soft Mink is a spot on dupe for it in my opinion. I've owned both and they are identical in formulation, application and overall finish on my skin. Soft Mink is about $25 cheaper as well. So...there's that.

Lancome Blush Subtil Miel Glace
Lancome Blush Subtil Miel Glace-photo courtesy of google

CoverGirl Classic Color Blush in Soft Mink
CoverGirl Classic Color Blush in Soft Mink-photo courtesy of 

This blush sits beautifully on the skin and is exceptional quality, especially for a drugstore blush. It comes in the classic CoverGirl black case. I toss the brush and use one of my own blush brushes. One or two swipes is all you need. It's pigmented but buildable.

I swear by Soft Mink and think this blush could work for a variety of skin tones. I can't recommend it enough.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wet n Wild Fergie "Glamorous" Nail Color

Apparently I'm on a nail kick lately.

Today I'm reviewing a glittery gold topcoat from Wet n Wild. Fergie has paired with them recently and released a "Fergie" line of cosmetics. She did makeup and nail polishes. I haven't been super interested in much of the collection but I did think that a few of the glittery top coats were too cute to resist. Best part? They are about $3 each.

I decided to get "Glamorous" because I don't have anything like it in my collection. It's a pure gold glitter with octagonal larger pieces and tiny round pieces mixed in a clear base. I love a clear based glitter because you can put it over ANY color and get completely different looks.

WetNWild Fergie "Glamorous"
  I tried it over my L'Oreal Greyt Expectations (still going strong on that one 5 days later!!) and really loved the effect. I think it would also look glam over black or a deep bordeaux color.

2 coats
This polish has a GIANT brush. It's so huge one stroke will cover your whole nail. The glitter lays nicely and you don't have to work with it at all to get it flat like you do sometimes with funky shaped glitters.You don't get much glitter in one coat, it's a lot of clear polish with a little bit of glitter. Which, I kind of like because you can build it up depending on how glittery you want it. The drying time was a little faster than average.  

MONDO brush
 Overall, I was impressed by this particular polish. I don't know if I would purchase the colored polishes, but the glitter topcoats are pretty great and different! The other color I'm trying to find is "Flossy Flossy", it is a rose gold glitter in a clear base and I am a sucker for rose gold!

Have you tried anything from the "Fergie" collection?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Color "Greyt Expectations"

I think I have finally found a drugstore nail polish line I can stand behind!

Aside from Essie (which is now partially drugstore, but hasn't always been and even now you can only get a limited portion of their colors in stores) there aren't many drugstore nail polishes that I really think are worth purchasing. Unless it's a glittery top coat or something that the quality doesn't really matter, I don't generally like drugstore nail polishes. I normally use China Glaze, OPI, Nicole (a good drugstore option!) and Essie.

Until now.

I was at Walgreens a few days ago getting some other stuff and came across the L'Oreal Colour Riche collection. I've been eyeing it for a while because I love the color selection and the packaging is so luxe. I saw Greyt Expectations and just had to have it. I don't have anything in my collection like this color and for $5.99 I figured, no big whoop if it sucked.

It definitely does not. This color is a dusty, warm, greyed taupe and is so flattering on the nail. It has a small brush so application is clean and easy, it applies smoothly and is not streaky, which even higher end brands like Essie can sometimes be. I used 3 coats to ensure opacity but did not need them. Topped with Seche Vite and this stuff is still going strong 4 days later with no hint of chipping or wearing off. It's still glossy for goodness sakes!!

color after application
color after 4+ days of wear
color without flash
I am more than impressed with this and will definitely be purchasing other colors. How Romantic, Satin Sheets, After Hours, Haute Couture Red and Sweet Nothings are next on my list.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Favorites

With little man starting first grade and my schedule at work changing to accomodate afternoon pick-ups, it was a crazy month. I did have a few things I used a lot of this month as we fell back into the school routine.

Happy October!

1. NYM Beach Babe sea salt texturizing spray. I've already done a full review of it here. Suffice it to say, a month of early mornings and my general laziness about my hair resulted in a complete codependency and obsession with this spray. It spent half of the month in my purse, that's how much I love it.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray -- 8 fl oz
photo courtesy of

2. Bath and Body Works "Twilight Woods" body spray. I've kind of been on a "use what you have before you buy more" kick with regards to perfumes and such lately. This was one I used a ton last fall and started using again last months. To me, it's just such an autumny scent. Deep without being heavy and one of the more "grown up" scents at BBW.

Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
photo courtesy of

3. Revlon ColorStay foundation. We fell in love hard and fast and I haven't been using much else since. I find that this just wears so amazingly on my skin and gives me the full coverage I love without being cakey. I apply it with a stippling brush because it dries super fast. AMAZING drugstore foundation.

ColorStay Makeup With Softflex for Combination/Oily Skin
photo courtesy of
4. Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Blackberry. Such a pretty eyeliner. It's got the long wearing quality of the ColorStay line in a much more wearable and appropriate for fall burgundy/berry color. It can look slightly purpley depending on how you wear it, but it's DARK and a great alternative to black. I usually layer Lancome eyeshadow in Click (an all time favorite!) over it for a total blackened berry eyeliner look. Super pretty!

ColorStay Eyeliner
photo courtesy of

5. NYM Way to Grow Shampoo and Conditioner. Again, I've done a full review of these here. If the amazing scent doesn't get you, the condition it leaves your hair in will. I don't think I've ever used something from a drugstore that leaves my hair feeling so happy and strong, without feeling weighed down. Definitely a holy grail set here.
Not Your Mother's Way To Grow Long and Strong Conditioner -- 8 fl oz
Not Your Mother's Way To Grow Long and Strong Shampoo -- 8 fl oz
photo courtesy of


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

I did this for my favorite summer polishes and thought I should probably do a fall one as well.

For me, I feel like a fall polish is always refreshing after a summer of brights. I usually go for rich, warm, cozy colors because...obviously! If it reminds me of a snuggly sweater, I'll probably buy it!!

Here are the colors I will use over and over again this season.

L'Oreal "Greyt Expectations" (dusty, mauvey, taupey, greyish...hard to describe)

Essie "Armed and Ready" (army green with hidden gold shimmer)
Nicole by O.P.I "Love Me, Love The Earth" (rich golden chocolate)

China Glaze Crackle Glaze "Tarnished Gold" (sparkly gold crackle)

O.P.I "Pepe's Purple Passion" (muted berry with red and gold flecks)

Essie "Damsel in a Dress" (purpley bordeaux)

O.P.I "Lincoln Park After Dark" (deep, blackened burgundy)
 What are some of your favorite polishes for the fall?