Monday, September 24, 2012

Not Your Mother's "Beach Babe" Review

This is another product I've seen pinned a million times on Pinterest.

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Not Your Mothers "Beach Babe" texturizing sea salt spray. I have been using their Way to Grow shampoo and conditioner and am working on a review for those and then saw this and had to get it. It was about $3 at Walmart for the spray and let me tell you, for a sea salt spray, that's crazy cheap. I've used other sea salt sprays in the past and have loved the results but not the hefty price tags. One that I've purchased multiple times is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. I really love the results but it's about $24 a bottle so I haven't purchased that in a long time.

Then I tried Not Your Mothers and not only is it an identical dupe for Surf Spray (right down to the scent)...I actually think it works better! I am always pleasantly suprised when drugstore brands live up to their claims and do it affordably. That is definitely the case with this product.

The bottle is adorable and super easy to use, it's good for use on the go because it has a nice locking feature on the spray so you can keep it from leaking in your bag. It smells exactly like Surf Spray to me, slightly coconutty but overall very "beachy" without being too much.

I have pretty straight hair, but it will wave if I leave it alone and don't brush the waves out. The way I use this product is to wash and condition my hair, towel dry, comb through tangles with my fingers (resist the urge to brush!) and then I let it air dry. When it's about 75% dry, I'll apply the Beach Babe all over and slightly scrunch my hair then just let it air dry 100%. If there are any pieces that fell flat, spray again and scrunch. You will end up with awesome beachy, super texturized hair that smells amazing and will last all day...with pretty much zero effort. This is the easiest hair ever and makes for amazing second day hair. All that texture helps great for sock buns, fishtail braids...whatever you can think of. And the best part, it's not crunchy. My hair still feels very "touchable" which I think only adds to the interest of beachy hair. You should be able to touch it, mess with it and get it as messy and wavy as you want it.

I will definitely be repurchasing Beach Babe spray when this bottle runs out!

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