Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Toner

I read about this on a beauty blog a while ago and thought it sounded like something I needed to try. I've been trying to be nicer to my skin in my 30's and feel like the things I used in my 20's are WAY too harsh on my skin now. Things that used to work now irritate my skin into break-outs yelling at me to KNOCK IT OFF.

I've started using Dr. Bronners Hemp Rose pure castile soap as a daily face wash with great results. It's so gentle and organic and really works wonders cleansing and removing makeup.

Dr. Bronner - Castile Soap
photo courtesy of amazon.com
With that in mind, I thought it was probably silly to use nice organic cleansers and then top it off with harsh chemical toners. So...I made a batch of ACV toner.

The theory is that ACV is already a natural antiseptic and helps regulate the PH balance in your skin which is what contributes to breakouts. It's got malic and lactic acids which are supposed to exfoliate and soften your skin. The natural acids in ACV help clear your skin and improve overall complexion.

I got regular old Walmart brand ACV for 96 cents and cleaned out a small travel size Clinique toner bottle. I mixed 1 part water with 1 part ACV and apply with a cotton ball. There are differing opinions on the dilution of the ACV, some say 1:8 some say 1:4, I opted for 1:1 to start with and adjust from there if needed. There are also thoughts that organic ACV with "mother" in it is better, I don't neccesarily agree so I went the cheap route.

It does smell like vinegar. Obviously. However, this smell fades upon application and is not noticeable. If it bothers you, try only using it at night. I plan to make a new batch once a week so it doesn't go wonky and with the current dilution my little 96 cent bottle should last quite a while.

So far, I can already tell a noticeable difference in my overall complexion and it's started clearing up any existing spots on my face. It does not make my face sting or feel "tight" which is always a telltale sign of overdrying for me. It just makes my face feel really clean and healthy! I will definitely report back with any updates after more extended use.

So, for 96 cents you have an awesome gentle toner for your face. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you!

Clean away!!!!

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