Friday, October 5, 2012

Wet n Wild Fergie "Glamorous" Nail Color

Apparently I'm on a nail kick lately.

Today I'm reviewing a glittery gold topcoat from Wet n Wild. Fergie has paired with them recently and released a "Fergie" line of cosmetics. She did makeup and nail polishes. I haven't been super interested in much of the collection but I did think that a few of the glittery top coats were too cute to resist. Best part? They are about $3 each.

I decided to get "Glamorous" because I don't have anything like it in my collection. It's a pure gold glitter with octagonal larger pieces and tiny round pieces mixed in a clear base. I love a clear based glitter because you can put it over ANY color and get completely different looks.

WetNWild Fergie "Glamorous"
  I tried it over my L'Oreal Greyt Expectations (still going strong on that one 5 days later!!) and really loved the effect. I think it would also look glam over black or a deep bordeaux color.

2 coats
This polish has a GIANT brush. It's so huge one stroke will cover your whole nail. The glitter lays nicely and you don't have to work with it at all to get it flat like you do sometimes with funky shaped glitters.You don't get much glitter in one coat, it's a lot of clear polish with a little bit of glitter. Which, I kind of like because you can build it up depending on how glittery you want it. The drying time was a little faster than average.  

MONDO brush
 Overall, I was impressed by this particular polish. I don't know if I would purchase the colored polishes, but the glitter topcoats are pretty great and different! The other color I'm trying to find is "Flossy Flossy", it is a rose gold glitter in a clear base and I am a sucker for rose gold!

Have you tried anything from the "Fergie" collection?

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