Friday, July 6, 2012


Remind me to wear EXTRA sunscreen on my nose the next time we go to the beach.

I now appear to be wearing invisible sunglasses all the time resulting in a super sexy Raccoon/Rudolph look. Don't be jealous...

I had on SPF 25 tinted moisturizer and figured I'd be good for a few hours. Not so much, apparently. I am tan everywhere else and had a good base tan on my face, but now my forehead is pink/tan and my nose is fried. FRIIIIIIICK.

Thank god for Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion. I always have a bottle of this stuff at the house and it seriously works so well. It takes the burn right out and keeps your skin moisturized so you don't peel. We also keep a bottle of the regular Banana Boat green aloe lotion in the fridge. When you have been on the lake all day or at the beach and your skin is sunkissed and hot to the touch, that cold aloe feels like heaven.

Any sunburn tricks you always use?


  1. LOL... your face is adorable, even when you're frowning! I'm going to have to buy some of that after sun lotion since I burn every year, no matter what! I love your blog, you're so cute!!!

    Bonnie :) (aka Bojohns)

  2. Bonnie!! This comment just made my day :) That Banana Boat stuff seriously works!