Monday, July 9, 2012

Easy Summer Updo

I love hair almost as much as I love makeup...almost.

The Pacific Northwest has FINALLY realized that it's friggin summer and the heat is here to stay. That being said, when it's 87 degrees out, my blowdryer might as well be the plague. I stay as far away from it as possible.

I have kind of created my own twist on the topknot. I like my hair a little messier and this is so easy to do and feels fresh.

I shampoo and condition like usual, comb my hair out, apply 4 pumps of MoroccanOil and then take my fingers to rake it through my hair. I pin the front portion back with 2 bobby pins criss-crossed and then begin making a high pony on top of my head. I twist that pony around my finger making almost a figure 8. I use a grabby clip, clip it high on my head and then pull some peices until it's a messy bun.

This will stay all day long in my hair and because it's so high but seperated into 2 portions, it doesn't get heavy like a topknot does. This is the easiest way to do my hair in the summer and works for a day at the lake or a summer BBQ and everything in between.

Any easy summer hairstyles you are loving?

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