Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sock Bun Fun!!

I'll be honest, if I am at home, 99% of the time my hair is up. I am always looking for fun new ways to wear it up and still be on trend. I've been doing my own version of a top knot for quite a while but I don't have super thick hair and my bun can be kind of puny even though my hair is long.


You'll need a sock, two pony tail holders, bobby pins and a little hairspray. I found a thick pair of socks that are similar in color to my hair. These are actually boot socks, so they are tall. You don't need boot socks but keep in mind that the longer they are, the fatter your bun will be. So it's up to you. I took the socks and cut about three inches off from the toes. Like this...

Then I grabbed 2 hair ties and also rolled the socks into little donuts (you only use one for a sock bun). Like this...

Then I placed my hair in a pony tail high on top of my head (you can seriously put the bun anywhere, I also tried a low side bun, a low bun in back and they all worked exactly the same.). I got the pony as tight to my head as I could get it and then put the sock at the base of the pony like a scrunchy. Then I pulled it to the ends of my hair, wrapped the ends of the hair over the edge of the sock and began rolling the sock down my hair and twisting the sock inside itself. With each roll down, I grabbed whatever hair was loose and rolled it under. It's seriously magic because by the time you get to your head, all the ends are rolled under and you are left with a giant bun.

I don't like mine too "perfect" so this style works for me. If you like your bun a little more precise, you can just place the sock at the base again like a scrunchy, spread your hair around it perfectly, place another pony tail holder around it again at the base and then wrap your ends around the base and pin with bobby pins.

I love this so much. It's comfortable, polished and fun. I actually wore it to work! Just play around with it until you feel like you have the hang of it, it's actually much easier than it looks and the results are worth giving it a try!

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