Monday, August 6, 2012

Revlon ColorStay Foundations

You guys.

I know I am a little late to the ColorStay foundation party, but I'm here now and super stoked about it.

I have been hmming and hawing for several months about trying the ColorStay foundation. I always hear good things about it but I tend to like a dewier finish (ie: Neutrogena Healthy Skin) and so the lable of matte finish kind of put me off of it. Especially in the summer.


Then they came out with the Whipped Creme version and I was so interested in it. I went to Walgreens and fortunately they had a BOGO half off sale, so I purchased both the original ColorStay for combo/oily skin and the Whipped Creme version. My color in both is Golden Beige.

I totally get the hype. I've been testing them out for the past week or so and putting them through some pretty vigorous testing. Through swimming, sweating through 103 degree weather, a literal 15 hour day and at the hot, dirty fair. These foundations did not disappoint. I didn't see any fading, oxidizing, spreading, or greasy areas where I'd feel the need to touch up. Not only do they hold up under intense situations, they are awesome for daily wear. I've worn them consistantly for the past week with amazing results.

As for the differences between the two, I'd say the texture is really the most obvious. Original ColorStay is a liquidy foundation in a bottle. I hate these kinds because I feel they are so unsanitary. I usually pour the amount I need onto the back of my hand and apply from there. Rather than sticking my fingers on the bottle every time. The color selection is pretty extensive, though several of the colors are just labeled as different shades of "beige". Not very descriptive or helpful so I'd advise grabbing a bottle of the foundation you normally wear in the store and comparing them in the bottle. I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish in 200 as a guide and found it easier than comparing it against my hand or just guessing. 

The Whipped Creme version is in a large glass jar which is very heavy and pretty but not something I'd take for travel. It's strictly for sitting on a vanity. It has a little white internal lid you remove and "scoop" out the amount you need. Again, not very sanitary. I use a little plastic scooper for this rather than using fingers in the pot. Just to keep it clean. I wouldn't describe this texture as "whipped". When I think of "whipped" I think light, airy, fluffy...etc. This is thick, dense and creamy. More the texture of like barely melted ice cream or whipped cream cheese. You can touch it with your finger and it will peak but then will settle back into a flat surface. It's a very interesting texture.

 I think this version is just a tad bit easier to work with, it's a little more forgiving on drying/setting time and allows you to work it in all over your face rather than in sections like the original ColorStay. I feel like the Whipped Creme version is just a hint more matte on the finish. It has a unique "slip" to it, it has a very similar feeling to primers. That satiny, powdery "slip" that makes it just effortlessly glide on the skin.

Both foundations offer medium to full coverage and are easily buildable for areas which require more coverage. Both are very long wearing, settle really nicely on the skin and give a beautiful finish. I will definitely be repurchasing both of these.

Overall, I am very impressed with both of these and feel like they are unique enough to justify purchasing both.

Wearing Original ColorStay for Combo/Oily Skin


  1. What do you use under your eyes? I HATE the bags under my eyes and have ALWAYS loved and envied how you make yours disappear!

    Bonnie :)

  2. They are getting harder to cover the older I get! Lol! I am pretty loyal to 2 that I consistently repurchase. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer pen in Ivory and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser in Fair. Both have good coverage and last! Hope that helps :)