Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Revlon PhotoReady "Bronzed and Chic"

I'm kind of loving the new Revlon PhotoReady "Escapism" collection by Gucci Westman. I saw it in Walgreens yesterday and they were having a BOGO sale so I snatched up a few things.

This collection screams "Summer" to me. It also has a few items that are new for a drugstore collection, like the cream blushes (that review is coming up).

I saw this bronzer and had to have it. it's called "Bronzed and Chic". I am almost out of my usual matte bronzer and just couldn't resist the coral reef pattern on this. It's also really large. I think they could do without the cheesy brush and decrease the packaging size of this bronzer, it's just too "extra".

For my skin tone, this is best used swirled together on a brush. But if you wanted to use a smaller brush, this could definitely be used for contouring as it's completely matte and gives you 4 different options. I'd think the lightest 2 shades would be perfect in the winter time just to perk up your skin. If you have even a little tan, this is a great bronzer. It's not orangey, doesn't muddy up your complexion. Just a clean, lovely bronzer.

I'd probably get away with just wearing this over my VitaZing on the weekends with some lip gloss. It's really nice. Good pigmentation without making you look like a character from Jersey Shore!!

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