Thursday, May 17, 2012

Breezy Summer Beauty Tips

Warmer weather calls for LESS maintenance as far as I'm concerned. Summer is when I feel my best, a little bit of a tan, brighter clothes, blonder hair and low maintenace is just the best way to take advantage of all the perks of summer weather. Here are a few of my favorite summer tricks to beat the heat but play up natural, beachy beauty.

1. Ditch the foundation! Like...stat. There's no need for it, it's too heavy and won't make it through a hot sweaty day anyway. Rather than melt it off and clog your pores go with something lighter. A good tinted moisturizer will have a strong SPF but also offer some nice coverage. I adore the Aveeno tinted moisturizer and Origins VitaZing. Summer is also the time of year when glowier skin is not only acceptable, it's gorgeous. Don't bust out that powder at the first sign of glow. Use blotting papers instead if you really can't stand it, but summer skin is glowy. Go with it. In addition to ditching the foundation, I rarely wear eyeliner in the summer. A quick swipe of a Paint Pot from MAC or Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow with 2 good coats of a black mascara (CoverGirl Lashblast 24 hour mascara is GREAT for hotter weather) is really all you need in the summer. I even ditch powder blushes and go for something easier like a cream blush or just bronzer on my cheeks.

2. Go with the flow! Let your hair be. If I flatiron my hair, step outside and instantly the hair around my face is wavy. What's the point?! There is nothing worse than standing in a hot bathroom under a blow dryer and flat iron in 90 degree weather. GROSS. Let your hair do it's thing. Wash, condition, comb it out and apply a product like Moroccan Oil to keep the flyaways down and let it dry naturally. Be creative, try different braids, fishtails, topknots, twists, ponytails, anything that takes advantage of your hairs natural texture. Your hair will love you and you'll love the sexy results.

3. Moisturize! What's sexier than healthy, glowy arms and legs in the summertime. Expose the best of your body, use a nice daily lotion with a good SPF (don't forget your decolletage!) and then a heavier cream at bedtime, paying special attention to feet, knees and elbows! There is no better way to fight aging while keeping your skin looking young than taking good care of it. Vaseline has a gel body oil that I love in the summertime. I also always keep Banana Boat After Sun lotion on hand at all times. It's got aloe and prolongs your tan while nourishing your skin.

4. Brighten up! If there is ever a time to take a risk and try some brighter hues, summer is it. Neons are in right now and my favorite way to use them is with neutrals. It's a much more grown up way to use these bright colors. For example, I'm loving the Sweet Tart lip butter from Revlon. It's a lot brighter than something I'd normally wear so when I use it, I use bronzer as a blush to naturally accentuate my cheeks and use a nice bronzey eyeshadow or go bare. Minimal everywhere else allows the bright lipstick to play up your best features and makes it a lot more wearable. Also try using brighter hues on your fingers and toes. Orly Passionfruit is one of my favorite summer shades for toes. It's a neon pink tangerine shade that compliments tan feet so well. Use a good top coat in the summer and you can get 2 weeks or more out of your at home pedicure. I use Seche Vite.

5. Bronze baby! See my list of my favorite sunless tanners. There are so many GREAT sunless tanners on the market, the possiblities are endless and the results are fast. Take advantage and get that golden goddess glow without damaging your beautiful skin. Always exfoliate first to ensure even application and enjoy that tan!

6. Drink up! Easiest beauty tip in the warmer weather is drink your water. It's just the best way to get beautiful skin, stay hydrated and take good care of yourself. I know water can get boring, add something to it! Lemons, limes, orange slices. I even like the MIO water enhancers and keep one in my desk at work for when that 8th glass of water is getting to be a little BLAND.

7. Exfoliate! When the weather heats up, our skin tends to lose moisture and can dry up. Nothing is more gross than alligator skin. Exfoliating is the best way to clear your pores, keeping breakouts at bay and ensuring you that gorgeous summer skin. I use Neutrogena All-In-One daily scrub in the summer to exfoliate my face daily. For my body I like the Coconut body scrub from Bath and Body Works. It's gentle but effective. This also applies to less obvious areas like your feet! I use a PediEgg a few times a week, especially in the summer on areas like the heels of my feet and the results are immediate. I follow this up with a nice thick moisturizer like C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Pomegranate Body Cream from Bath and Body Works. This keeps my feet sandal ready all summer long!

8. Smooth Move. The warmer weather calls for less clothing. This means paying special attention to shaving to ensure smooth skin. I've found the coolest shaving cream and I swear by it all summer long. EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream. This stuff can be used wet OR DRY (for those last minute shaving emergencies when you don't have time to shower). It's super moisturizing, smells great and gets a super close shave on your legs. Because it's so moisturizing it also reduces razor burn and leaves your legs super smooth.

There you have it, my top tips for easier summer beauty!

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