Monday, April 23, 2012

Fresh, Dewy Foundation Trick

I know it's awful but I'm a full fledged, card carrying sun worshipper. We have a pool and a boat and we are outside ALL THE TIME in the summer. We all tan pretty easily even with sunscreen.

Anywhoo...this weekend included a lot of yardwork and sunshine and even though I had SPF 25 on my face, I still got some sun. Add this to my AcneFree regimen and you get dry skin. This creates a nightmare when trying to apply makeup for work on Monday.

Here's a little tried and true trick I use for dry skin and one I always use during the summer to get a nice, even foundation application. I always use foundation wedges for this, get them damp, squeeze out the excess water and then dab the foundation off the back of your hand and apply by dabbing sponge around the face. Don't rub, you'll just irritate the dry skin.  I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation in Nude.

The water in the sponge keeps your foundation from just being absorbed in the sponge and gives it a much fresher, dewier application. I promise, it doesn't water down your foundation. You actually use less with this technique and it lasts all day.

Easy fix for dry skin and a great trick to cool off that hot summer skin. I tend to use less foundation (if any) in the summer anyway but this is a great tip for the days when you do need some extra coverage but don't want a heavy "mask" of makeup on.

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