Thursday, November 1, 2012

Witchy Woman

About 2 hours before we left to go trick or treating last night my son asked me to dress up like a witch. What's a mom to do?! I of course said yes.

We live about 25 minutes out of town and I didn't want to make a last minute run ON Halloween, so I decided to make do with what I had around the house.

Luckily we had a little green makeup from his soldier costume last year. I found a few inspiration photos on Pinterest and went at it.

I started by applying a good moisturizer as a barrier between my skin and the makeup. I then mixed a bit of ColorStay foundation with a tube of green face paint. I applied with a foundation brush and then smoothed with a foundation wedge. I went over my eyelids and as close under my eyes as I could. I let it dry and then applied a second coat. I painted my ears and half way down my neck. I gently finished with a big fluffy brush and a finishing powder.

Then I applied a super frosty pink blush to my cheeks, I think I used an old Jane blush I would never actually wear.

I penciled in my eyebrows way more dramatically than normal and then topped them with a dark brown eyeshadow.

For my eyes I covered my eyelids with a metallic purple eyeliner and then applied a jewel toned purple eyeshadow all over my lid. I used he WnW Comfort Zone palette and applied the dark green in my crease and the light green on my brownbone and inner corner. Blend, blend, blend.

I then took a liquid black liner, did an extreme cat eye and flicked it out beyond my eye pretty far. From where my eye ends I made 3 more lines and connected the 4 lines with tiny half circles to create spiderwebs at the corner of each eye. I applied the purple eyeliner under my eye, tight lined with black liner and then used tons and tons of black mascara. Because the spiderwebs were the focal point I chose not to apply false eyelashes, but you totally could!

I then lined my lips and used a fuchsia lip stain and topped with a WnW fuchsia lipstick. I used a black gel liner to create a fake wart. I ratted my hair out, applied hairspray and ratted some more. I wore black leggings, striped socks, tall black boots, a long black cardigan, black, orange and green scarves and tons of black jewelery.

Viola...Witchy Woman!

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