Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Candy Shop Dupe

When my husband took me to see BD2, we had a little time to walk around the mall before the movie started. Which...I never do. I'm so not a mall person. I don't enjoy it, at all. I will park outside one store, run in and get what I need and leave. I never just walk around, perusing and sweating my face off in hot stores with millions of people. Not my bag, baby.

Anyway, we had time so I ran into Claire's. I've been looking for a sparkly cross bracelet and found one for $6 (score). I also checked out their nail polishes, which I've never done before either.

I actually found 4 that I really liked and they were on a BOGO 1/2 off sale. Nice, because at $5 a pop I would never have spent $20 on cheapo nail polish from Claire's.

But these ones were all sparkly topcoats and unique. The one I'm talking about today is Candy Shop. Which is an identical (right down to the name) blatant rip off of Deborah Lippmann's cult classic Candy Shop.

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SEE HOW PRETTY?? It's all kinds of girlie glitters suspended in a pink jelly base. It's amazing. It's also $18 a bottle. Steep.

Claire's version is identical, and I got it for $2.50. Kind of a no brainer. I used Revlon Colorstay Cafe Pink as a base, which made it a brighter pink and used 2 coats of Claire's Candy Shop for my birthday mani. I think this would also be pretty over a pinky nude like Ballet slippers and super fun over a black or charcoal gray.


Topped with Seche Vite, I had no chipping or anything and it came off pretty well for a jam packed glitter. I have a few more of these Claire's glitter top coats I'll be reviewing. I would definitely repurchase the glitters, they have all been pretty decent and fun!

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