Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Simply U Shampoo Review

I am so mad. I can't find Not Your Mother's shampoo or conditioner at any of my Walmarts anymore. They have all the other products but Way to Grow isn't even listed on the shelves anymore. I don't know what's up but I hate it. This was my holy grail, completely in love with shampoo and conditioner set.

I was completely out of shampoo and needed something moisturizing and sulfate free. This Simply U Sulfate and Paraben Free Moisturizing Shampoo was right on the shelf next to the NYM stuff so I grabbed it.

Big mistake.

It is what I usually expect from a sulfate free shampoo. Little suds, hard to rinse out and leaves my hair a tangly mess. It also leaves my ends feeling like straw. For a moisturizing shampoo, this is the worst shampoo I've ever tried. I'd hate to see what the other versions do if this one is that drying. My hair literally felt crunchy. I thought I'd used too much or too little so I gave it another try. Nope, my hair just really hates this shampoo.

I don't know if this is Walmarts attempt to try to sell something similar to NYM, but this is definitely a dud in my opinion. It's more expensive than NYM, it's in an awkward giant bottle with a pump instead of the easy flip top tube and the worst part, Simply U smells like grandma shampoo. You know that powdery, musty smell that a lot of products geared toward an older clientele? Not a fan. I miss my Way to Grow and am upset I'm going to have to order it online now. BOO.

This is one product that has offended me so much that I wouldn't even waste my money trying ANYTHING else in their collection. It takes a lot for me to diss a product, everyone is allowed one dud but this is just a worthless shampoo for me. One I definitely would not repurchase.

Product Photo Moisturizing Formula
photo courtesy of simplyubeauty.net


  1. The simply u made my hair fall out! I am soo angry. I do not want all the harsh chemicals but it is treating my air WORSE than all the others!

  2. Hair* not air* of course

  3. If only I could buy it now. I tried this shampoo and it made my hair feel like straw while washing it just as described above. However, once I applied the conditioner it softened up right away. I have to admit initially I was not impressed but considering that I had bought the big bottles I figured I'd finish the product. After a week or so of using it my hair never felt better or cleaner! It left my hair "airy" feeling, shiny and silky smooth to the touch. My daughters and I miss this product greatly. I can't find it anywhere and recently learned that it was discontinued. So long Simply U, you are missed! :(