Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here we goooo!!

So, first blog!! If I'm being honest, I've wanted to do this for a really long time. But I can be crazy private about my personal life and so I've held back. However, a recent love with Pinterest that started last fall has made me start thinking about blogging again. It's one thing to pin all of the things I love for me to remember, it's a whole other thing to give people my opinions on the things I really like.

I am no expert or anything, just a girl who wants to share the things I love. Let's see where it takes us!

For the first about something I'm recently obsessed with. Upcycled pallet construction. Anyone else into this? I feel the desire to hoard all kinds of ratty old pallets and make funky new things with them. For starters, I really want to build shelves with them. I saw some on CraigsList going for $50/shelf and thought..."nice, but I can totally do that myself". I'm the kind of person who once I decide I need something, I need it like yesterday. So I'm sure I'll be posting some pallet projects here soon.

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