Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Favorite Foundations

I am a complete foundation junkie. I am always on the hunt for the one that gives me full coverage where I need it, doesn't get cakey, won't oxidize or turn orange and doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. I used to be completely obsessed with Clinique SuperFit until they stopped making it. They market the Even Better foundation as it's sister formula but better, but I don't like it as much. So here are the top 5 foundations I've used, trusted and will continue to purchase.
First off is Neutrogena Healthy Skin. I ADORE this foundation. It gives great coverage, it's glowy but not sparkly, it's easy to blend, the colors are great and it lasts all day. This is a Holy Grail foundation for me, and the fact that it's drugstore and less than $12 is just icing on the cake.

Next is Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. I purchased this when I was on the hunt for a long wearing foundation for a work event I had and boy does this live up to it's name. I wore it for a 12 hour work function in 98 degree weather and this stuff lasted! It is less than $7 per bottle, has a smaller color range, but the Soft Beige works perfect for my skin, it doesn't break up, it has AWESOME coverage and gives you flawless skin. Good stuff!

Nars Sheer Matte. The most money I ever have and ever will pay for foundation ($42)...Was it worth it? Eh...It's nice enough, but like it's name says, sheer. When I'm having great skin days, this stuff can't be beat, it's glowy, natural, easy to blend, perfect color match and so pretty on. But that price would definitely keep me from buying it again. I feel like the Neutrogena gives the same effects for much less money. However, if you have the $$ to spend, the NARS is a gorgeous foundation.

Revlon PhotoReady. I keep this on hand for photo's. If we are going to bday parties, weddings, social events where I know I will be photographed, this is the foundation I reach for every time. It's good coverage, easy to blend and has a good range of colors, it does have some light reflecting shimmer to it which is what gives you that flawless glowy look so I don't like it for every day, but for photos, this foundation is amazing and was less than $12. The only downfall is that this stuff is HARD to clean out of your foundation brush. I ended up purchasing a seperate foundation brush JUST for this foundation.

Lastly, we have Origins Vitazing. I purchased this for $35. This is the wierdest most amazing thing ever. I'd describe it as a tinted moisturizer, but SO much more. It has an SPF of 15, comes out white and when you rub it onto your face these little beads burst with tiny little pigments that give you nice coverage and make your skin look like you just got back from vacation. Gives you a little glowy color, not orangey or fake, just a lovely glowy face. It's my weekend go-to. I feel like this is actually good for my skin, doesn't make me feel like I'm slathering on goop when I don't need it. I will repurchase this as long as they keep making it. The only thing I've found, is don't wear a powder over it. It's not sticky, but it's "moist" enough on your skin that putting anything else on top of it just looks dirty. If you are going for light, fresh, healthy look, this, an under eye concealer and some mascara are all you really need.

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