Monday, April 29, 2013

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Color

I totally admit it. I did not NEED another lip product. But the colors got me. And the price. These were $2.99 and on sale at Walgreens so I got 2 for $3.50.

I grabbed Back to the Fuchsia and Click on my HyperPink because I was intrigued by the super opaque colors and the promise of a MegaLast lipgloss. The thing is...these are not glosses.

I mistakenly applied the first one like a lipgloss. Took the doefoot applicator and just went at it, slicking on a couple layers right off the bat.

This is seriously one swipe of the wand...OPAQUE

And then I was like "Oh what kind of fresh hell is this??!!". Instant clumpy, dry, sticky, splotchy, ooey gooey grossness.

NOT GOOD. And it stains. So even after I was finally able to chisel this stuff off my lips, they were bright freaking pink and pissed off.

I didn't want it go to waste, so I started reading some other reviews and most people said to put a balm on first, apply a teeny tiny layer and leave it alone.

The way I was able to make this stuff work was similar. I applied a little lip balm, then took a tiny amount of the Liquid Lip color and dabbed it on with my finger so it was more of a stain look than a straight opaque lip color. I topped with a gloss and finally liked the look (and feel) of this product. I would not apply with the applicator included because there is no possible way to get an even application. You can't keep reapplying to get it even or else it never dries and just clumps and looks awful.

It does stay for ages and the colors are seriously intense. It just takes a little bit of coddling to get a good result. Not my favorite thing due to my general lazy approach to lips. I like something I can just slick on and call it good. This takes patience.

I will keep these and will definitely use these for events where I need my lips to stay bright and punchy for hours. But not an everyday lip product for me.

Have you tried these? Any tricks to make them work for you?


  1. I got one of these a few months ago and returned it! It was so nasty. I didn't think about trying a balm first. I love your description as it being a "fresh hell". Very accurate!

    1. Sorry you had to discover the grossness for yourself. I've never had such a weird product on my lips. The balm helps but still, a lot of work for a $3 lip product!

  2. I had a simalar problem but I love the color go through hyper link that I ended up buying a clear gloss and mixing them together for color and it worked