Thursday, December 6, 2012

Revlon ColorStay Under Eye Concealer

How have I not known about this stuff?? I ran out of my usual under eye concealer and then also ran out of the CoverGirl that I was using instead. I found this on super sale at Walgreens and thought it was worth a try. I'm hoping the super sale doesn't mean they are discontinuing it, because it's...AMAZING.

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I should have known based off of the ColorStay name that it would be great. I usually go a little lighter with my under eye concealer, just my personal preference on my face. However, since it was a sale the lightest they had was Light/Medium. I actually love the look of it. I thought it might be too dark but it matches my skin perfectly and creates such a nice look! Bright and awake without looking "fake".

It's creamy but way pigmented. I click it about 4 times and apply under each eye with the felt tip. I then use my ring finger to pat it in under the entire under eye area and into the corners of my eyes where I get the darkest.

True to ColorStay, it lasts all day. Once it "sets" (similar to the foundation) it doesn't move and it also dries which helps reduce smudging of your mascara. That's one of my biggest complaints about under eye concealers, I don't want them to stay "tacky" all day, it just turns into a magnet for all of your eye makeup.

I am really impressed with this ColorStay Under Eye concealer and will most definitely repurchase.

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