Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Nail Ideas

I usually just go for red or sparkly during the holidays but this year I felt a little more creative. I tend to do my nails twice a week and so I have had a few "Christmas" themed manis this month that I thought I would pass along.

I didn't have skinny nail polishes when I started so this snowflake ended up looking like a giant fail. But...I think the "idea" of it is still a good one and very festive, once you improve on your snowflake abilities. The gold is Sephora by OPI "Looks Like Rain, Dear". It's so pretty and sparkly but it is the WORST glitter polish to remove. The red is "Target Red" by L'Oreal.


I was definitely on a "snowflake" kick this year and really loved the effect on the nails, especially over glittery polish. First I did this green mani with just the glittery green nails. It's Wet n Wild "Sagreena The Teenage Witch" with Sinful "Call Me Later" glittery green topcoat. It was SO sparkly. It reminded me of The Grinch. I decided to try a better snowflake with the skinny nail brush and LOVED the look of it.

The next mani was an "icy" themed one. I wanted to try a sparkly snowman accent nail on glittery silver nails and I think it was one of my favorites. It was just so wintery and whimisical. I really loved it. I used Wet N Wild "Silvivor" with Nicole by OPI "You're A Star" on top which is silvery holo polish that just makes the nails glow. This mani lasted me 5 days before it started to even think about chipping. I think glitters are that way, they hold the polish better!

The one I decided to just go all out with the Christmas theme. I really loved "Sagreena The Teenage Witch" and I don't know when else I'll wear it if not at Christmas. So I did that on all of my fingers except my accent nails. Those were coated in 2 coats of "Target Red". I used a skinny nail brush to make white snowflakes on all the green nails. I then made the red nails look like Santa's suit. It is SO Christmassy!


Hope that gave you some ideas for your holiday mani!

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