Monday, June 17, 2013

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain

What a wierd and wonderful little product. I always say I am more of a gloss girl than a lipstick girl. The only downside is how quickly glosses fade.

If this annoys you, this little gloss might just be the thing for you. It's a lipgloss stain. I got mine in Pink Resistance. It's a very peachy, shimmery pinky nude. A very flattering "your lips but better" color.

It feels odd the first time you apply it, it looks odd because of the funny shaped applicator. It actually fits your lip perfectly and gives an effortless application. I got the best results by applying 3 light layers and allowing it to dry in between. It stays glossy and doesn't transfer. It feels moisturizing but doesn't wear off.  I'd say even with eating and drinking, this lasts 4-5 hours without having to be reapplied. Impressive.

This has all the benefits of gloss with all of the benefits of a stain. BAM. Amazing.

I believe these are supposed to be a dupe for the YSL gloss stains. Since both are owned by the same parent company, I wouldn't be suprised. For $10 compared to the more than double YSL pricetag, you just can't lose with L'Oreal's version. I would highly recommend!

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