Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Curling Wand

Trying to convince me that I need another curling iron, is just not going to happen. I have one in almost every size and could not justify buying another one just because it didn't have a clamp.

So...I decided to take the screwdriver into my own hands and deconstruct one of my very own. I decided to try it on my 3/4 inch Conair curling iron. Originally purchased at Target for around $12. I chose this one because I recently chopped about 7 inches off of my hair and thought the smaller barrel might give me a few more "bends" to my shorter hair.

This was seriously so easy. I removed 3 screws which removed the clamp and the spring. What I was left with was a perfect little curling wand to create those gorgeous beachy waves we all love so much.

I am glad I did it and it's working really well. Those little Conair curling irons are such a great deal for us girls on a budget!

All I did for this look was wrap about 1 inch sections around the curling rod away from my face and hold for about 8 seconds each. Nothing uniform and nothing super neat. I wanted it messy. When they cooled down I tousled and sprayed Not Your Mother's Beach Babe spray. This look lasted 2 days.

Hello go-to summer hair!



  1. I simply use my curling iron as a wand with the clamp still on it. It works perfectly. No need to remove the clamp, spring and stand.

    1. That's awesome if that works for you! My hair "dents" easily from the clamp, even if I just wrap my hair loosely around it rather than using it to hold my hair down, I get a little dent which I didn't enjoy. Hence, the removal :)