Friday, January 3, 2014

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette "The Naked Truth"

I was so excited when I saw this in the store. It's totally the neutral colors I love and I've always been impressed with the other Coloricon palettes. Walking on Eggshells has been a long time favorite of mine and Comfort Zone is awesome but it's a tad cumbersome to keep in my makeup bag. This has 5 colors but is the same shape as the 3 color palettes which are easy grab and go's.

The Naked Truth has a shimmery ivory browbone color, a light peachy matte base shade, a warm chocolate brown definer shade, an icy taupe eyelid shade and a coppery gold flecked crease shade.

I never use these how they recommend, I just use them however I like the look of. Sadly, these are not as great of quality as the other Wet n Wild palettes I love. Some of the shades are the normal buttery consistency of WnW eyeshadows and give decent payoff (the browbone and base shade) but others are chalky and produce a ton of fallout (the definer and crease shade).

Overall, I'd say this is an average drugstore palette but has a good selection of colors and would be one I'd grab for a weekend out of town or an overnight trip to have in my makeup bag. Average quality and convenient packaging, also great price point. I think I got this for less than $3 at Walgreens.

Have you tried any of the other new 5 shade Coloricon palettes? Any you'd recommend?

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