Thursday, January 2, 2014


a truth she had once known but chosen to forget.
Happy New Year!! So glad to have had a wonderful holiday season with our family but very ready to get back on track and back into the swing of the things I love. Starting with this blog!!
We spent New Years with some of our very best friends and all of our kids this year, which was lovely. I didn't get too dolled up but did want something fun for my nails. Do you ever know in your head exactly what polish you want to find but have no idea if it exists or not? Yeah, that.
I knew I wanted silver with black and silver glittery topcoat. I searched 3 stores and finally found 1 bottle of this fun stuff in the bottom of a bin at Walmart. Not sure why, I think these are fairly new?

It's the L'Oreal Magic Topcoat in The Sparklicious. I used it over a holographic silver from Nicole by OPI and then used black on my ring fingers. I did use 2 coats of this because it's a lot of clear with sparse glitters but the effect was really fun and perfect for New Years. It has silver and black chunky glitter with holo bars in there too. Sparkle city!
I also got the L'Oreal matte top coat and am anxious to try that one out as well.
Any other new fun polishes you'd like to see reviewed? Let me know! 

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