Wednesday, January 8, 2014

L'Oreal "Sexy in Sequins"-Gold Dust Textured Polish Collection


I was not paying attention to the display when I bought this. I just totally fell in love with the color in the bottle. It's stunning. All kinds of plummy, moody, glittery goodness.

As soon as I opened the bottle at home I knew I had one of the Gold Dust textured polishes on my hands and was instantly annoyed. I've tried the Sally Hansen ones before and while I think they are fun for a once in a while, I don't think they are pretty. They are lumpy and there is no shine which defeats the purpose of a sparkly textured polish entirely. This color in particular looks like acid is eating your polish leaving a gritty, pocky finish that totally diminishes the sparkle in the bottle. Apart from the larger glitter that is completely dulled, it has a definite golden reflect in the bottle that doesn't really transfer to the nail either.

I applied it over one coat of Essie "Damsel in a Dress" because while there is a ton of sparkle, the actual base color of "Sexy in Sequins" is a milky plum/grey. I thought a plum base would help the prettier color shine through. This brush also felt wider than the regular L'Oreal brushes and kind of made the polish go on goopier than I'd like.

I did 2 coats of "Sexy in Sequins" and definitely got the sandy/gritty finish.While these textured polishes do stay for a long time on your nails that also makes them a nightmare to remove.

Overall...not a fan of this one. It looks gorgeous in the bottle and if you are into the sandy finish polishes, this line is one of the better ones I've tried but overall, this was an "ugh" for me.

What are your thoughts on the sandy polish trend?

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  1. I love O.P.I Kiss Me at Midnight from the liquid sands collection . Such a pretty cornflower blue! I like the sand trend better than the recent 'caviar' trend, thats for sure...