Wednesday, February 12, 2014

doTERRA Essential Oils

I'm going to be discussing something a little different today. This is not a traditional beauty product but it is something I've been very interested in and quietly studying through my friend Elaine from Amena Bean (who tragically lost her dog Amena recently, who is the namesake for her line of products). We have been sick, sick, in our family. Even with flu shots, which I'm not crazy about, it hit us hard this year. It went through my office and the school and with K playing basketball our germ intake just got insane.

We have been unable to completely kick it, it's just hanging around making us not feel 100% yet. K has asthma so this seal bark is not helping that either and traditional meds, even his prescription inhalers just weren't helping. Elaine mentioned her success with doTERRA, she used to have asthma/allergies as bad as our K does and so she knew what we were up against. She sells doTERRA in her spa and has had great success with different clients needs using the oils. She also uses them on her kiddos so I felt safe using them on K. I ended up buying a bottle of the On Guard and she mixed a few little concoctions together in roller bottles for us to try to see what worked.

I have to say...we actually got immediate results. K had basketball the first day we tried it out so he was already croupy. I gave him a bath, got him all warmed up and cozy and rolled some of her cold blend (rosemary, eucalyptus and carrier coconut oil) concoction on his feet, behind his ears and on his chest like you would use Vicks. I tucked him in and hoped for the best because at this point, it's been 2-3 weeks without a full nights rest for any of us.

He was out within 30 minutes and he did not make one peep throughout the night. He barely even moved. He got the best nights sleep in weeks and he did not cough once. I have been trying her liquid ambien recipe because I never, ever sleep without some assistance and it works so well. Not only does it smell earthy and amazing, but it got me relaxed and into a deep sleep within an hour of applying to my chest, armpits, behind my ears and on my feet, but it kept me asleep for the whole night. I always wake up several times a night.

I just can't beleive that something who's ingredients I can actually pronounce and without any chemicals or nasty side effects works this well for us. But it does, it really does.

I'm very interested in Vetiver for use on my rowdy boy and wondering how all of these oils can assist his allergies, asthma and exposure to germs at school that effect him so much. I'm also interested in the On Guard, Whisper, Serenity and Breathe blended oils for myself and my boys. I'm curious if any of you have used doTERRA and what your thoughts are.

If you'd like more information, feel free to email Elaine at
 (she is a wealth of information on doTERRA) or check out their website at

**not a sponsored post, products were purchased with my own money**

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