Monday, February 17, 2014

Color Melt/Balayage

I am so stircrazy about my hair right now. It's been probably 2 good years, if not more, since I got it done in a salon. I have been getting my hair professionally done every 6-8 weeks since I was 16 and just got sick of the maintenance. I decided to do it myself and it's worked great for me, especially since I like to change it so often.

However, lately...I am just ready for a gorgeous change. Something I can't do in my own bathroom and something grown up and pretty. I am wavering between going a cool toned blonde or more my natural color with beachy balayage/color melt look (not ombre). HELP!!!!!

Going darkerAlex Crabtree - Hair + Make-up Blog: Hair Color Trends: Ombre, Melting, & High/Low LightsGorgeous cool blonde ombré with ultra light tips.Perfect blonde. Obviously natural base. I get my base from a bottle, but this is the perfect blonde!!!!!!blonde ombre If I had to guess, the bas is a level 9 neutral Ash, using Balayage around face. Great job!
all photos via Pinterest

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  1. I like the third and fourth photos the best personally! The blond framing the face really seems like it would require a lot less upkeep while still brightening the face. Im just a sucker for cool blonds in the winter/spring...