Monday, September 29, 2014

Flat Iron Waves for Shorter Hair/Long Bob

I wanted to post a quick idea for shorter hairstyles. I always see TONS of tutorials and inspiration pictures for wavy longer hair, not so much for the shorter haired ladies. This is a great hairstyle for 2nd or even 3rd (I won't tell if you don't!) day hair. With this red hair, I need all the shampoo-less hairstyles I can come up with to make this gorge color last longer!

I will say, so far I have not had a *TON* of fading or bleeding of color, but definitely still am seeing orange tinted water when I shower.

Also, let's just be real here. This is my office. A girls gotta document a good hair day when it happens, real talk.

Anywhoo...this hairstyle. I basically washed and dried the first day and wore it straight. Woke up the next morning, showered but didn't wet my hair and then applied dry shampoo. Right now I'm loving Beyond the Zone Rock On dry shampoo from Sally's. I'm a hardcore fan of the Suave but am always up for something new and so far, really like this one!

I applied the dry shampoo to my roots all over my head and let it sit while I applied my makeup. Then I kind of work  it in with my fingertips to get rid of any whiteness. This also gives me a little bit of texture.

I pin the front section of my hair back to get it off my face. I can deal with unshampooed hair for a day or so but the less I have to "feel" it, the more tolerant I am.

Then I just took my 1 inch flat iron and waved random sections. Nothing too organized or tidy. Just grabbed whatever hair was grouping together, did a flat iron wave and let it cool. I then broke the waves up a little with my fingers and applied Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray. This lasts forever!

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  1. Nice post! Really loved your hairstyle! There are very less tutorials for hairstyles for short hair. I haven’t used flat iron before. But after watching this tutorial I am quite keen to try it out. I would like to invest in best flat iron. Can you suggest a good brand?