Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Essence Effect Nails 3D Nail Pearls

I am kind of having a little love affair with Essence beauty products. I tried a few things on my trip to Ulta and now keep finding fun little Essence products at Fred Meyer's.

I have been eyeing these little nail pearls in "Candy Buffet" for a while but wasn't sure if I would like the texture on my nails. I totally pick at anything that feels out of place, which is why I never do fake or gel nails. I just peel them right off the second they start lifting.

At less than $3 I thought these would be an affordable way to try this funky trend and not be disappointed if it totally sucked. Well, it doesn't. The colors in these pearls are so fun and pretty and would go with a million different polish colors. With this perfectly girlie pink, it reminds me of cake sprinkles, teeny tiny ones.

I applied these to my ring fingers over L'Oreal Taste of Romance. I applied 2 coats of the pink and then poured the pearls over my ring finger. I lightly pressed to insure they stuck. The directions said you could apply a light top coat to seal them and I wish I wouldn't have. It slightly faded the pearls. I would skip that step to keep the pearls the bright colors.

Suprisingly, these don't feel wierd on. The pearls are so small that they don't make your nails look huge and wierd. They lay nicely and cover the nail really well. I wouldn't say this is a long lasting look, but definitely fun for a few days!

What do you guys think? Have you tried any other nail pearls? Any tricks to making them last?

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