Friday, February 8, 2013

Hair Freak! 5 Years Worth of Hairstyles


Do you ever get in a hair slump? I feel like I am in one right now and am trying to avoid the inevitable.

I am constantly in a chopping off/growing out bleaching/dying cycle. I grew my hair out for our wedding. I wanted long hair in my wedding pictures. But, as soon as the wedding was over...I wanted that high maintenance hair gone. Chopped it off into the A line Beckham bob when that was super popular and hated it, like...immediately. It was more work than long hair and having a 2 year old just did not work with that hair. So began the growing out process again. I have been growing my hair out since then with no real goal in mind other than just "long hair".

Well, I have long hair and I am bored with it. I know the ends are damaged from going blonde to ombre to dark and back again. But I honestly can't bear the thought of losing any length. Who cares, it's just hair right??!!

Not so fast. I think my long hair is such a security blanket for me. I feel prettier, more girlie and much more myself with longer hair. It suits my hair type and my attitude towards my hair which is the less work, the better.

So...I am here trying to convince myself NOT to cut any length off and to just do baby trims until it's healthy on the ends again and started going through photos. This made me realize how psycho and indecisive I am with my hair. I decided to share it and also to document my craziness so I will remember it next time I feel like doing something drastic. DON'T DO IT. You will regret it!!!!



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  1. I was doing a Google search for reviews on Revlon hair products and came across your blog. After looking at the pictures I must say that the two at the bottom are the most flattering colors on you! A little tip I was told by a celebrity hair stylist that I never forgot was: Hair that is shoulder length or less will make you look older, hair at your armpits or longer will make you look older, hair that hits right at your collar bone is the most flattering on almost everyone. Something to consider. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I do like it the medium tone it is now, for sure. That's interesting about the lengths, something to keep in mind :)

  3. oh i like the blonde best! like the picture where youre in the car. looks so shiney. :) just had to comment since normally i always like brunette better on people but you look great as a blonde!! and i agree long hair is easier...stick it out :)