Friday, December 12, 2014


Been a while...

No real reviews here, just a little list of a few of my latest obsessions. Like a true Scorpio, when I get into something I tend to immerse myself in it, learn everything about it and repeat it until I can't stand it anymore and these are no exceptions.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. It lives up to the hype, gives flawless coverage and does not freak my skin out. Pretty much see this as a one and only in the rotation for the foreseeable future.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed. Flat out perfection. It's incredibly flattering, not glittery, just creates a glowy, gorgeous, natural looking flush that is flirty and sexy.

Benefit "They're Real" mascara. Holy balls. I can apply as much of this as I want without it getting clumpy and it amplifies my lashes to the nines.

Bite Beauty High Pigment lip pencils...Pomegranate is the all time perfect red for my skin tone and UGH. Just sex red. That attention commanding, makes you feel awesome when you're in it red that we are all after. It feels good on, has enough matte to it to stay put for a long time. Can't be without.

The any form, really. I can't stop listening to them, watching interviews with Matty on YouTube or reading articles on them. So intriguing. In the depths of a massive band crush here, I need to ingest everything they do lately. Their sound is completely new, but also has enough nuances of familiarity from songs I grew up on that they are at once insanely addictive and fascinating. I can find hints of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel, Bon Iver, 90's R&B, just really good music in their songs. I love how unafraid they are to create songs they love without feeling the need to box themselves into one genre and define themselves as such. They don't really fit into a genre, they are just The 1975 and that's all you need really. Matty Healy definitely has that "it" factor, he's full to the brim of charisma and might just be the very definition of the word. You can't not listen to him or watch him, he just commands your attention and has a lot to say. If you really want to invest, watch Matty do a couple of longer interviews. This kid has words for days, really well thought out and articulate ones. I am a little older than these boys (about 9 years to be accurate) but I can still identify with what they are saying and bond with their songs. Those themes are timeless, who doesn't love a bit of romanticized teenage boredom and sex? Especially when it comes packaged in incredibly "listenable" and addictive music. We can all relate to that, forever. They don't sound how they look if that makes sense, so don't judge this book by it's cover. I recommend listening to at least 5 of their songs before you decide how you feel about them, each one can be so different. My faves are Undo, Me, Head.Cars.Bending, Pressure and So Far (It's Alright). Happy listening!

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