Friday, June 13, 2014

From Platinum Blonde to Dark Blonde Balayage-DIY


Trust me. I know I do awful things to my hair ALL THE TIME. I just can't help it. I get bored. It's why I do it myself, ok??!!

On to the project. I loved the platinum. It was fun. I got it out of my system and wanted to try something else. To was this blonde:

DIY Platinum Blonde-Lovely Dalliances: Blondes Have More Fun?
I've been coveting Jessie James Decker's hair for a loooooong time. She recently posted a video on her YouTube channel showing how she does it herself. She even uses Frost N Glow!!!! Girl after my own heart.

She calls her hair "honey dipped" which is adorable. It's her version of the balayage she used to get in salons and which can cost a fortune. Balayage is basically hand painting your highlights on for a more natural look as opposed to weaving and foiling uniform highlights.

Love her, love her hair, and love that she uses Revlon Frost and of my favorites!  Jessie James Decker highlights

So I decided to give it a try. I used a 7n and a 7g mixed together with 20 vol so it would deposit more than lift. I wouldn't normally use a gold but I needed something other than neutral to avoid it going blah. My natural base isn't as dark as hers either so that's something to consider. She's probably a 5 or 6, I'm naturally more of a level 7.

Left it on about 35 minutes, rinsed and blow dried and was basically left with my natural color. BORING.

 (Bathroom lighting makes it look pinkish, it wasn't. Just a blah mousy dark blonde)
Then I mixed up some bleach powder with some 20vol because I knew the ends would lift fast and were already kind of "thirsty". I tried to do what she did, picking up the pieces that the sun would naturally hit and putting more bleach on the ends and fading it up. I left the interior pretty much alone and focused on the peices around my face and the ends. I tried to go up different lengths on each section so it wouldn't leave a hard line. I wanted sun kissed, not ombre or dip died.

Left the bleach on about 20 minutes, washed and blow dried and got this...TA-DA. My hair is always so poofy after I blow dry.

I kind of love it...a lot. It's a lot less maintenance and feels a lot more fresh and modern. Honestly, balayage is a LOT easier than foil weaving your own hair, if you are brave and used to doing your own hair, I highly recommend giving it a try!



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